From a little cottage in Negril

Yesterday I spent a considerable amount of time traversing the streets that raised me, camera in hand, papping everything that moved. It’s funny, people notice when you have a camera in your hand, especially one that is anything bigger than the standard sized credit card that most people content themselves with. I responded to most of the disgruntled looks with a stupid grin, which of course is the appropriate way to behave when one encounters an enemy. London rewarded my intrusion into the privacy of its citizens with a glorious day of sunshine and for the first time this year I sat in a park and read a book whilst two school kids jostled for the attention of a girl, so far out of their league, she would’ve made Brad Pitt look like a leper. I’ve not got anything thing against lepers mind, I just don’t think they have anything over old Brad.

Anyway, this is England.