10km, Kew and the Wind

It was windy today. The weather forecast suggested a 21mph wind WSW, which according to the Beaufort Scale is a Category 4 wind and a fresh breeze. I don’t know who described these scales. There was nothing fresh about the breeze today. As soon as I left the house, I was hit by a sucker punch of wind that had probably originated from a fart in Guernsey. This persisted throughout the first 6km or so of my run, culminating on Kew Bridge. It was a miserable affair. I hate the wind.

Today was supposed to be a recovery run but I decided to decorate each kilometre with 200m strides at 800m. See, I like the idea of fartleks but I lack the intuition to do them. If I am running and I have to randomly assign myself a period of running harder, then I assure you, as day follows night, I will not run any harder. Therefore regulated strides work well for me. I know they are coming, I fucking hate them, but I do them anyway because I hate giving up on things. So that’s what happened.

Here is the workout and the pace chart below.

Screenshot 2015-12-24 13.01.17

The pause was at the junction of Ealing Road as it passed underneath the A4/M4. It wasn’t intentional. In fact it was a real ball ache. I hate standing and waiting for traffic to pass. However, not being run over is contingent with life and so I let this pass.

This is the map of the route if you are interested.

Screenshot 2015-12-24 13.04.37.png

It’s actually a fairly nice route. There’s some racy stuff on the A406 back up to Ealing and the traffic just never seems to quieten down but it’s a relatively nice route. It’s actually well worth extending the loop through Kew which is beautiful to run through. For the point of the 10km today it was excess to need and so I reigned it in.

The strides went well overall. The wind was pretty relentless as I headed southwards and by the first 5km I was honestly contemplating cutting them to only 5 repetitions. As I came back up Gunnersbury Avenue, my legs were really feeling stiff and I was pretty tired. I have no idea how I managed to make it back into Ealing, I was puffing like a steam engine.

All in all it was a good run, coming in as my 3rd fastest 10km which is no bad thing. I feel the strength is beginning to build and hopefully the strength in combination with a stronger aerobic base will serve me well. We’ll see. Christmas Day Parkrun tomorrow.

Oh yeah, merry Christmas Eve!