Days of Summer

Yesterday was seemingly the first real day of summer and so being that I had a day off and the camera gods were willing me, I took my little Sony NEX 5n hombre out for a little spin and this was the result.

It worked out quite well overall. I have to admit, at points I really missed not having a view finder, particularly with the sun in the sky, but at the same time live view is great for filming video, particularly for panning body shots.

Regardless, the result is above. It would be great if you could give it a little viewing and give me some feedback. Or not. Either way is good. Well not really, I would very much prefer the first and you would be nothing more than horrible horrible people to act otherwise.

1 x Sony NEX 5n
1 x Sony 35-80 kit (f3.5-5.6) lens
1 x Sony 22mm (f2.8) lens

1 x Manfrotto monopod

Song: The Weeknd – Birthday Suit (Get Loose Remix)

Can I recommend listening to the song through headphones. Or at least accompanied by a big old sub-woofer. You know, for bass and shit.


Busta’s Lament

On occasion, where I’m not raising awareness on the topic of the extinction of corduroy based clothing in the world (did you know that every five minutes – a pair of corduroy trousers are archived into some dusty loft, never to feel the touch of nerdy finger again), I like to play around with my camera. I have a new one now – I bought into the contemporary mirrorless interchangeable lens market and now am very happy with a Sony Nex 5N. It was predominantly to start making films but the picture quality is SLR equivalent – the sensor is certainly comparable. If that camera was the equivalent of a lady, we would have some very sore fingers and a very disappointed lady.

Anyhoo, this is a trial run with the little bitch. Let me know what you think. Alternatively don’t – but the feedback lords will have taken your names, you un-critical bastards.