“Cracher dans la soupe..”



No number of exhausting references to your self declared cheerlessness

No number of exhausting references to your self declared cheerlessness will make you any more pathetic than you already are or is it John Mayer you are listening to, maybe in the throws of singing along “Fathers be good to your daughters,” you caught sight of yourself bent over in shame and realised just how f**king redundant you (not really) are (really).


In the name of dodecahedron

Seu. In the name of dodecahedron and whatever else you place in the gaping deceit of your moving mouth and nauseatingly affected smile, Jorge. teach me Zissou on your guitar and when is the first time you heard this? I am hearing ‘Strange Fruit,’ inevitably and I think this is the first time I have actually listened to anything in any period longer than now and the last time we spoke.



Mark Twain in West London, or thereabouts (Not really)

I saw the Tree of Life the other day, Terence Mallick’s offering with Brad Pitt and Sean Penn and to be honest – what there was of Sean Penn was so insignificant and unwarranted it was entirely pointless Penning. Anyhow, there was a beautiful recurring piano piece in the film; a take on Les Barricades Misterieuses by Couperin, that moved me enough that I felt compelled to make a video using the music. It is not so much an absolute work of art, but just a collection of moving images containing my brother who was kind enough to sell his face for the purposes of me running some film. I really love West London and the way it makes me feel when I am home and there is nothing quite like London in the summertime.