In the name of dodecahedron

Seu. In the name of dodecahedron and whatever else you place in the gaping deceit of your moving mouth and nauseatingly affected smile, Jorge. teach me Zissou on your guitar and when is the first time you heard this? I am hearing ‘Strange Fruit,’ inevitably and I think this is the first time I have actually listened to anything in any period longer than now and the last time we spoke.



Sine wave STOP

Sine wave STOP All waves are the product of quantum, less inspired waves that hold me to little (and/or) no attention (cos) [JOKE] STOP What is the difference between a man and an infinite physical integrative phenomenon when no man is moved to harbour the product of years indifference but will masturbate devotedly but will beat their wives adherently but will raise a child in the image of ?God (=himself) and emotional wilderness of a home STOP



Un Millon de Amigos

Really, this is very overdue. My first actual blog post in some time and I have to apologise for this. Life happened in a big way. In Ecuador, I got the job – did I tell you that, yeah well I got the job and so I quit my current job, because it’s, well, shit and we came back and I’ve been working out my notice. I can’t tell you how it feels to know I’ll be leaving. That job has been a black shadow on my sun for some time now. I have had visions of performing all manner of unspeakable acts in manner of marking my exit, but I fear for lasting consequences and so I’ll probably buy them all a box of chocolates and hope they choke on them. That’s the kind of person I am people.

Irrespectively, we made it back from Ecuador, unscathed (just about). There was more rain than we expected, it was colder than we expected, it held more in the way of altitude than we had anticipated, we spent more money than envisaged, I spoke little to no Spanish (but we knew that already) but ultimately a fantastic time was had. There will probably be further videos to document some of the most interesting parts of the trip e.g. flying across a zip-wire in a gorge in Banos, but for now, a montage will have to do.

For the most part, the protagonist is my girlfriend Nina. You can find her at mariposanina on wordpress. I don’t actually know that’s her name but it’s something to do with butterflies. That word means butterflies right? If you are very keen to see me, there is a fleeting shot of my feet on a hammock in Mindo. My hand makes a cameo too accompanied by some blood (mine too) following a fall in Banos. I think that’s all you fine people are entitled to. If you want to know more about what I look like, please send me an email at I don’t get many emails there for some reason.

So to conclude, here is our montage of our trip to Ecuador. I hope you enjoy watching it as much as we enjoyed filming and producing it which means both of us not just me because Nina is adamant that I make the distinction that she was not just the talent but also part of the creative process and not the overall front for what is my devastating directing capability. The song included is Compay Segundo – Oui Parle Francais.

Stay gold Ponyboy.

Hello London

I am home and I see the people running through the streets because there is nothing like Summer evenings in London with everything but the cars and the cold empty buildings and the foxes and the fireflies and if can, you can bury me here in this city that I love, that I live and die for, but I will get old and tired but you will find me running these streets if you come out. I don’t care for the solstice.