2 Mile Intervals: Lammas Park

It’s a resplendent morning here in West London. The sun has crept out from the clouds and the wind has settled enough that the day can be considered a pleasant one. There is genuinely, nothing quite like a morning run under the sun.

Today the plan was to undertake 3 x 2mile intervals with a 3:00 minute break in between. In honesty, this was supposed to be a 2:30 break but after the first 2 miles I realised that clearly wasn’t going to happen and so there was a mid work out addendum.

I chose Lammas Park in Ealing to undertake the splits. I have to concede it is one of my least favourite parks in Ealing and I have always been drawn to the gentle middle class pleasantries of it’s bloated neighbour, Walpole Park. I have to stress, it’s not a particularly bad park at all, I just never particularly warmed to it. My older brother does seem to enjoy it a little more than me and so on family runs I have been dragged through it and I suppose it’s not so bad. Importantly, it doesn’t have that air of disownment that the once impressive Gunnersbury Park seems to shoulder. True, it hosts the Gunnersbury Parkrun as some form of consolation but it does feel somewhat broken and forgotten, sitting as it does, beneath the roar of M4. Along the broken paths and the murky lakes, even the dog walkers leave the dog shit where it lands.

I digress. I chose Lammas Park for the principle reason that it equals a mile in its perimeter, no less. This is very helpfully marked by the 100m distance posts that circle in an anti-clockwise manner from the main (Walpole side) entrance to the park. Here is the Strava segment for the Lammas Mile.

Screenshot 2015-12-23 12.01.30

It’s actually remarkably suitable for the repetition. There is a slight incline from the SW corner to northerly most point but it is not enough to compromise your interval. I should add, I felt it, but it was manageable. Also the middle waist where it seems to pinch is also quite sharp as you turn for the final 300m. There were some yummy mummies (they weren’t that yummy) doing some odd lunge type activities on that very corner which wasn’t odd at all. They kept this up for the entirety of the workout.

Here is the pace chart for the workout.

Screenshot 2015-12-23 11.49.07

The pace was maintained relatively suitably. I aimed for a 4:30 min/km split for the first 2 intervals and then a 4:35-4:40 for the last one. The overall times were 14:05, 14:08 and 14:34, all of which I will live with. I managed to keep trotting for the first rest interval but after the second one, it was everything I could do to not collapse on the floor, so I walked. I’m not a big fan of walking during interval workouts but I was completely spent, it was a necessity.

Overall I was happy with the outcome. I was disappointed to feel that I needed to extend the rest periods and walk during one but I completed the workout and that should count more than anything. Overall, the run paced  at about 4:45 min/km which is satisfactory at my current level. A 10km recovery run awaits tomorrow. See you Anon.