Medium Long Run Garmin Problems

The DOMS are well and truly here now. My legs don’t feel terrible, but they don’t feel great either – something that I can’t easily describe. The ache enough, to tell me they ache, but not enough to stop me continuing my day. They’ll be on their way out tomorrow, in time for the workout I’ve been most dreading.

Today was a Medium Long Run of 15km. I have recently been gifted the Garmin Fenix 3 and although I’ll spare you the gushing adulation I have bestowed upon it, I really need to tell you just how good a fucking watch it is. In terms of 0-fucking watch, it is pretty fucking watch. That’s how good it is.

Only this morning it gave me a little gip some 2km into the run. It was harmless enough but it ended up segmenting the run so the largest total was only 13km. I hate segmenting runs. It just looks like you had to stop half way and I hate that. I’m not that unfit. Interestingly enough, that brings me to another point related to the Garmin Fenix 3 and perhaps I’ll address that later on. Essentially this is to do with race predictions and these almost confirm what I had originally feared, in that – I’m just not running fast enough. I’ll come back to this shortly.

Screenshot 2016-02-02 14.03.41.png

A good 3km of this involved the solid climb extending from Riverside Park, through Swaythling and into Bassett Green, also known as Mansbridge Road and Bassett Green Road respectively. Interestingly, even though it extends a good kilometre beyond the Langhorn Road climb, it seemed to be much more pleasant. I don’t think I particularly struggled on it and although I periodically wanted the climbing to be over with, it didn’t seem to bother me as much as Langhorn Road. Part of the problem with Langhorn Road is the feeling that the surrounding traffic and pedestrian dodging turn climbing a long hill into climbing a long hill with a donkey on your back and a fat old lady who won’t get out of your way. I think I will use it more in the future, it’s certainly one to keep an eye on. The elevation profile is shown below – I don’t think it extends too far beyond 4% throughout. This graph is from veloviewer, a website I’ve not entirely figured out just yet.

Screenshot 2016-02-02 14.18.07

More stats now for you. These are also from veloviewer.

Screenshot 2016-02-02 14.13.39.png

I’m not really sure of how to annotate that data for you. I was disappointed that my cadence had fallen well below 180 to 175spm and that is not a parameter that sits well with me. Good athletes keep a frequency of 180 I’m told and that’s what I’ve been trying to stick to.

All in all I finished with a total of 15km, at around a 5:08min/km which felt comfortable throughout. I didn’t feel laboured at any point and although my LSR pace is probably still around 5:30, I’m beginning to wonder if I can start safely moving my parameters once again. 5x3km tomorrow. FFS.

12x1km and Sunday LSR

12 x 1km is a pretty nice work out all in all. It’s actually preferable to the 3km mini-tempo/intervals which, as I have described, can be galling in more ways than I can describe. The nice thing about a 1 kilometre rep, is that no matter how bad you feel on it, from literally moments of starting it, you can think about finishing it. 1km into a 3km rep is just no fun. No sir.

I chose Riverside Park in Bitterne Manor (Southampton) for the rep again. It’s as nice a place to do workouts as any, certainly in Southampton. Pleasant surroundings? Yup. Good path? Yup. Pedestrians? Yup – but more than enough room to negotiate. Perhaps the only thing lacking in the segment is its lack of loop. The park is one of my favourite areas in Southampton, but it is very much a commuters park. I often think that one of the reasons that so few people choose to walk there is because your options are limited walk through or walk back. I much prefer a nice loop.

Screen Shot 2016-01-31 at 07.26.22.png

And so, all things considered, I felt fairly good about things. I ran a mile to the park, in the way of a warm up and felt fairly optimistic about things. It was early and I was silently pleased at the notable absence of people in the park. The first rep passed by easily enough and was performed at a 10km pace (4:30min/km). The 2 minute rest almost felt a little generous but my opinion on this had changed half way through. On turning back to come to the north end of the park, I realised a slight headwind would accompany me on every odd rep which was somewhat disheartening. Given the hurricane esque escapades of the preceding weeks however, I was willing to accept a little gentle breeze.

With a 1/6 of the workout completed, I felt a little worried. The thought of doing another 10 series of kilometres left me feeling uneasy. As I began my 3rd kilometre I realised on my way back for my 4th I would be a 1/3 of the work out in. There on in I divided each there and back loop into one segment into one repetition and it felt a lot better. By the time I’d returned for the third time, I had completed 1/2 of the workout.

I was suitably happy with my times also. Based on the intended pace of 4:30min/km, the splits were all happily well within this time and I can quite categorically say they felt pretty manageable. I should make it clear that the rests made this much much easier but, all in all I felt strong for the entirety of the workout. Here are the run details.

Screen Shot 2016-02-01 at 08.24.29.png

The pace chart is far too big for me to screen shot – but all times as you can see are <4:30min/km. Quite happily, the rests were all well within 2 minutes as well, so not too much time spent hanging around for the next rep.

Screen Shot 2016-02-01 at 08.30.51.png

The day ended with a gentle jog home and 17km in total. I felt great, all things considered. The following day I spent in London and ended up running 28km with my brother – 4 unintentional kilometres but you can’t miss an opportunity for a London tour though can you? There was a Royal Parks 10km also in Hyde Park when we arrive which we chose to run past and ignore.

Screen Shot 2016-02-01 at 08.35.59.png

For those that care – don’t make the mistake of running along the Great West Road/A4. At 18km or so I told myself that it might make things better for me but really, it was just a noisy fucking nightmare. I cut back up through Stamford Brook and rejoined civility in Acton once again. From that point onwards, it was just counting down the kilometres home. I’ve paid for it today with DOMS all up in the place. I’ll never learn.