A New Year

FullSizeRender.jpgHappy new year. It’s not that I’ve not been running, I have been. It’s difficult to find the instances conducive to writing between the thoughts of things to say and an opportunity to say them. I have completed a series of runs which have been in equal parts good and bad and that’s been that. I mentioned listing the lies I would tell myself in lieu of self improvement and so I will do so here. There’s no real order to these but just goals that I think are notably attainable. I wonder if you’ve heard of SMART goals? I took a notable few things on board during my time in higher education but this acronym has persisted, a testament to it’s simplicity and efficacy. The principle is simple in that any goal you set yourself must be; Smart, Manageable, Achievable, Realistic and Timely. In reality most goals have elements of these within them and this is in part why they succeed, or at least I suppose they do. A new year’s resolution takes one part of that goal immediately – it is timely in that it occurs in a year. All my goals are to kept or completed by December 2016.

  1. Running
    •  20 minute 5km.
    • 44 minute 10km
    • 100 minute HM
  2. To study at least once a day, a page a day. This is to develop my own professional standards. I want to be a good surgeon and so I have to be a good surgeon.
  3. To brush my teeth every evening. I’m sorry, I’m an animal, I know.
  4. To eat a balanced, varied and healthy diet. I know this one isn’t specific but in my defence, how many things am I going to list?
  5. To do 50 press ups a day. Pointedly because my honed athletes physique is not going to stay forever. *coughs
  6. To drink at least one glass of water. Daily. I really don’t do this enough.

That’s it. It’s short and simple. I have a few more wandering ideals but they are more promises, not resolutions. Not things I want to maintain with discipline. One of these involves YouTube and depending on my psyche, it may be necessary to indulge myself in a restrained and capable manner on occasion. That won’t happen, hence it’s absence from the aforementioned list.

The picture is the view from Cardiff Bay, from the Barrage on Sunday’s run.



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