Rest Day

I ran some 50 miles across the South Coast last week. Not including the bike rides, that is a considerable distance for a lightweight such as I. Today however, I am grateful for the pause in the relentless running schedule. As much as I do love to run, there are days when my body seemingly cries out for a rest and today is one such occasion. Although sleep has done me good and I feel happily renewed and refreshed, there is still a haunting ache that rests deep within my bones, reminding me that I am far from rest and still not the honed athlete I intend on becoming.

It is coming to that point in the year where reflections on the year’s achievement’s (certainly from a running perspective) can be annotated and the following year’s resolutions can be drawn up. Following a seemingly endless two running vacation (where I ran without purpose or intention) I found a serendipitous  but welcome second wind. In the last five months I have cumulatively run more completed miles than in the entirety of the preceding 2 years in total. I feel stronger and more comfortable on my feet. I have attained personal bests in all but my half and full marathon distances. I have run in the sun and the rain. I have run either side of freezing point. I have run in the vanishing cloak of the night often, but rarely in the day. I dislike running in the presence of others. Running is best with the world asleep and away. Running is best at 5am. No one moves with anything other than purpose in the dregs of the night. There is nothing else to do.

I will define a set of running goals in a future but not too distant post. In the interim, run with intention and meaning. Feel nothing but the world at your feet. As a running contemporary noted, I don’t run from anything, I push the world away with my feet.


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