Day 14: Le Jog (Resté)

Day 14 unravelled itself as something of an administrative event. There were bikes but they were not for riding. As Cardiff burned in the 28 degrees of sun, we absconded pedalling duties in favour of attending a short film premiere at Chapter cinema in Cardiff courtesy of Beatrice Charity, detailing the disenfranchisement of the Karaayu tribe in Ethiopia and the ever increasing threat to their pastoralist way of life. The film itself was a compassionate warm documentary of the relative lives of these traditionalists in the contemporary unforgiving world. Much more information can be sought here.

The bike of Rafe Watson had been playing up somewhat, you will recall on our most recent entries and so efforts were made to address the problem of the stubborn gear rings on the front cassette and their refusal to flick between gears. We left the bike in the trusted hands of a bike mechanic in the local shop who later diagnosed a bent derailleur. Before we left we made note of the beautiful yellow and green Bianchi machine sitting proudly in the shop window. It was the Marco Pantani bike ridden to victory in both the Giro d’Italia and the Tour in 1998. We salivated some more and then left, safe in the knowledge that we had appreciated one of the finest riders in tour history.


Besides this, the day passed unremarkably to say the least. Back in Chapter we descended into the local paparazzi as a local musical icon spent the day with his family. “Is that him do you think?” “Yeah, it must be.” “What’s he doing here?” “Watching a film perhaps?” Gruff Rhys of Super Furry Animals was of course, none the wiser to our conversation and the more reasonable of you will wonder if perhaps we spoke to him or asked for an autograph but alas we did not. What we did do however, was point and stare from afar.


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