Hungry hungry Suarez

Well, Luis Suarez got a bit bitey in that last match didn’t he? I’m not going to use this post to remind you what an awful human being he is (because fuck me, he really is), but to dedicate it to some of the more important issues that resulted. The puns.

Players on the Suarez Menu:
Aaron Hamsey
Mcdonald Mariga
Andy Carrot
Bacary Lasagna

The fang’s favourite…

13/2 for Player of the Year. Might be worth a nibble.

Suarez gives Liverpool some added bite.

Liverpool are toothless with Suarez.

Disgraceful. Luis Suarez is not being fed enough. Just £2 a month can get enough for him to stop eating footballers.

Sky are making an absolute meal of this…

Previewers have been saying “This one promises to be very tasty” about this game all year.

Suarez fights tooth and nail for Liverpool.

If it looks like a rat and bites like a rat. Its a RAT!

Chelsea were bitten by the hand that fed them.

Liverpool will send him to Chewwentus by the end of the season. That or Bayern Munching.

Branislav Ivanovic. Now there’s a mouthful.

Ivanovic is good but I couldn’t eat a whole one.


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