Origami or not to be.

A lot of you, dear readers, will not be aware of the talent I have for folding paper, in a way that’s just pretentious enough to make the rest of you feel inadequate. Of course, I am not beyond sharing this ancient art with yourselves, but be warned; the obnoxiousness and superior attitude takes years of practice and application. Don’t say I didn’t warn you. So anyway here we go:

1. You’re going to need a pretentious desk first. I suggest an Ikea one – because no one else will have one of those.


2. Next grab yourselves some paper. It doesn’t have to be a leaflet, selling property refurbishments but this was the closest thing to me for the purposes of this article. I’m proper lazy. #jeah


3. Fold the edge furthest from you in a clockwise manner so it lies perpendicularly to the left lateral edge. This is an important step girl.


4. Fuck you.


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